Timeline of National Grass Racer

National Grass racer was published between 1982 and 1989, 33 issues were issued in total and two Yearbooks as well.

1982 saw the first issue of National Grass Racer launched, alongside its now big brother Short Circuit which had a new look and snazzy colour cover.

Published between May and October every season from then (first issue was June 1982) it was to be the only all-grass motorsport magazine since the demise of Autograss Journal, published by the National Autograss Sport Association in the early 1970’s.

National Grass Racer covered everything grass from NASA to lots of independent clubs.

The magazine went A4 size with a bit of colour but to say it was unpopular would be an understatement, so it returned to A5 size the following year, which sadly would be its last.


  • 1982 National Grass Racer (A5 size) launched on glossy paper. Ran until October 1984. Published by Short Circuit Publications (Newsfocus Ltd)
  • 1986 National Grass Racer started up again now published by YBA Publications until September 1989. Printed in-house on plain paper, back to glossy cover in 1987.
  • 1988 National Grass Racer moved to A4 size and in colour, but the grassing community hated it “you’ve ruined it.” Nearly stopped there and then.
  • 1989 Back to A5 size but was not coming together for various reasons so halted with the September 1989 being the last ever issue of National Grass Racer. Ran for 33 issues in total.

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