Timeline of Short Circuit

The very first issue of Short Circuit – April 1977.

Short Circuit magazine started in 1977 and ran for 324 issues over a 35 year period and finished in 2012, although the last issue being a ‘winter’ issue and covered 2011/2012.

The magazine could almost be called Welsh as that is where the idea was born. The founding editor Paul Huggett was on holiday in Wales and loved the ‘Great little trains of Wales and came across a monthly magazine about them called ‘Narrow Gauge Times’.

He thought, ‘if they can publish such a specialist magazine about those, then we could maybe publish an independent, enthusiast magazine about all the different oval racing formulae, including ‘stadiums’ and grass/dirt tracks.

Click here for the story printed in the April 2002 issue of Short Circuit – The Beginning

Click here for the tribute Paul Huggett pays to all the contributors for Short Circuit


  • 1977 First issue of SC sells at Wimbledon.  White and orange covers. Published by Paul Huggett
  • 1979 Spot colour added to cover changing every month
  • 1982 Magazine relaunced A4 size with colour cover and A4 size poster picture. Published by Short Circuit Publications (Newsfocus Ltd)
  • 1982 National Grass Racer (A5 size) launched. Ran until October 1984. Published by Short Circuit Publications (Newsfocus Ltd)
  • 1985 Short Circuit published by APN Publications until end 1986
  • 1986 National Grass Racer now published by YBA Publications until September 1989. Ran for 33 issues.
  • 1987 Short Circuit published by Project Two Limited based at Donington Park race track
  • 1988 Short Circuit taken over by YBA Publications with the June 1988 issue (May never published due to transition period)
  • 1989 Short Circuit production halted after July 1988. No funding to publish next issue after paying back agreed debts in takeover deal in May 1988
  • 1990 Feb/Mar Short Circuit starts up again but with a slimmed down team at the top (regrettable but only way to make it viable). Spedeworth a huge help in encouraging the magazine back!
  • 1990 May issue biggest seller ever, with a Super Rod on the cover and news about Hednesford’s Bromford stand burning down! See bad news does sell!
  • 1993 Bangers the Crash Magazine Pilot Issue launched by YBA Publications.
  • 1994 Bangers the Crash started and ran for another 19 issues. Ceased publishing in 1998.
  • 2003 May issue onwards – Short Circuit published with every page in colour.
  • 2011 – 2012 Winter issue Short Circuit’s last ever issue.

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