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1998 Short Circuit Magazine September


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Features in the September Short Circuit will include one on possibly the fastest oval in the United Kingdom. Fresh from its redevelopment Paul Huggett dropped in to this large oval in Angmering, and was amazed at the scale of work that has been taking place over the past 6 months or so.
The European Championships at Northampton, the first F1 Semi-Final, the Autograss National Championships and the Saloon Stock Car World will be some of the featured meetings, along with reports and news on many other events – not just in the UK, but Europe, America, New Zealand etc.

How do you fancy owning a National Hot Rod? We hope to be giving one away in a competition. Not the full size thing – but a pretty hot small-scale radio controlled car with a 3 1/2-hp engine that can reach phenomenal speeds. Watch out for a feature on the newest craze – radio controlled oval racers – and the Nationals are attracting nearly 30 cars a meeting, with a choice of Fiestas, Clios etc.

A load more oval racers will be featured – the kind of racers who never seem to get many mentions in Short Circuit – but hardly ever miss an event plus more Pages from the Past.

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