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The May issue of Short Circuit features the first Calibra to hit the ovals in the UK. Martin Ginger built the car, and if you thought the Super Rods were all old Sierra’s and on the way out, think again. This car is fairly easy to build, and relatively cheap, but it looks as if it cost 10 times the mentioned figure to build. We go right behind the scenes for the full story.

In the January/February issue we printed a questionnaire about Short Circuit Magazine. We had an overwhelming response, but will have to wait now until the June issue to look through what you have said, and work out your likes and dislikes in the magazine, and in racing. Your suggestions have been noted, and some may have already seen a few changes in the magazine, in particular an increase in technical stuff.

Paul Huggett talks to Tony Evans, the Stock Rod driver from Spedeworth, which is also number 2 in our Young Racers series. He also looks at the Arlington Stadium when he went along to the press day, with its new Armco and concrete backed wall.

Bev Greenhalf went to Holland to see about the F1 Stock Cars racing on the dirt, and also came across a F1 workshop that is turning out Stock cars on a small production line.

Regular columnists John Hyam, Pete Tucker and Neil Clayton are all back with their opinions and comments on the sport.

Also we feature the big rollover for an unfortunate racer at Alwalton Raceway. It may have been a budget, entry level formula, but it shows you can have just as big a crash as anyone.

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