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2000 Short Circuit Magazine April


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The April 2000 edition of Short Circuit has been called the Extreme Special for some very good reasons. Firstly Paul Huggett gets the full story on Lee Guinchard’s F2 Stock Car, which brings short track technology to another level. The way they’ll all be one day – or just tongue in cheek gimmickry – we find out?

Take a discarded Mini and mate it with an Astra 16v GTE, and you have a potent little package. Paul Huggett got to look at Bill Mummery’s new SEGTO racer first!

Just who is the greatest? With this being the first season in the new millennium, Daniel Ruston has been pouring over facts and figures to come up with the top ten in most (not all) the major formulas. Whilst it is never going to be 100% accurate, it still produces accurate and fascinating reading and accompanied by some golden oldie pictures.

Anne Sayell supplies a few pictures of Midgets having mishaps that will appeal to the thrill seekers. The Daytona 500 is also featured in our Worldwide section with the full rundown of the action from our man on the spot Martin D Clark.

Paul Huggett and John Hyam provide the regular columns, plus all the regular items such as Spin Off and Newsline sections, and the popular National Hot Rod race action update section are all included in this issue.

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