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The Dec/January combined issue (A change to originally advertised) issue features the first of a two part series on how to rebuild your car and store it over the Winter period. This can save a lot of hassle when the dust covers come off in March next season.

John Hyam concludes his Forgotten Midgets, taking us through the 1960’s, and another historical item is a look at the ‘Original’ Hot Rods, and if anyone remembers the Hot Rod specials of Doug Warner and Martin Morris, it could be where the name actually came from. Paul Huggett looks at four Group A Grafters in a small feature with literally a paragraph on Gary Rouse, Carl Steptoe, Dave Devine and Dave Hutchins.

Our regular columnists Pete Tucker covers the opening of Arlington stadium to Stock Cars in 1954, and the crowd swarmed the place climbing over fences to get in, with the speedway supporters club house collapsing under the weight of so called fans who had climbed onto it to see. John Hyam talks more about old UK Midgets and other matters, whilst Bev Greenhalf looks at the close connection between Holland and the UK, even without Baarlo.

Just some of the big meetings covered include London Championships, the 1300 Stock Car World and the 2 litre Superbowl, plus plenty of other meeting reports and news, including the regular National Hot Rod Race Action Update.

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