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2000 Short Circuit Magazine October


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Inside the October 2000 issue, Paul Huggett previews the Superstox World Championship with a massive feature all about the formula, It starts with how Spedeworth have put the Super back into Superstox by curbing costs, a brief history about the formula, those who have remained loyal through its ups and downs, plus a feature on two racers who have raced Superstox for years – namely Steve Hamilton and Chris White. It all makes fascinating reading.

Lana Turner’s Midgets – these Midgets came from America in 1948 to do what was intended to be the first tour of many, but in fact became a one-off venture not repeated and generally considered a big flop! At the start crowds of 45,000 plus watched the 4 teams of V8 Midgets from America stage 8 races a night – at the last event it had dwindled to 9, 857. Anne Sayell provides the story.

After a nasty knock to his arm, Steve ‘Cecil’ Anscombe has been diagnosed with having cancer in the bone of his arm. Recently Spedeworth staged a benefit meeting at Arlington Stadium. Daniel Ruston has the story on Steve’s (and family’s) brave fight against cancer, plus the meeting report itself.

Columnists John Hyam talks about Superstox, Rockingham, and Midgets, whilst Neil Clayton says goodbye to the Autograss season.

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