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2001 Short Circuit Magazine August


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National Hot Rod World Championship and Spedewekend
Full coverage of the Ipswich Spedeweekend is over 6 pages, 5 in full colour with the National Hot Rod World with complete statistics, plus all the support races (except the Bangers!) Report Matthew Bull and Daniel Ruston

Zero to Hero
A man who emblazons the ‘Short Circuit’ logo on his Hot Rod is obviously a decent enough chap and if he can drive well too, all the better! Antony Hawkins has been running his former Mike Holtby car in the ‘Outlaw’ Hot Rod series for a couple of seasons now and, almost as an afterthought he booked himself in for his first outing in the National Hot Rods at the Ipswich Spedeweekend. If ever there was potential for a baptism of fire, this was it. But, far from being outpaced, Antony got to grips with the track and his competitors incredibly quickly and actually won the very final race of the weekend, fending off National Hot Rod regulars, the very rapid Shane Brereton and Robin Pickett. Story Matthew Bull

There have been lots of rumours about Garry Sparkes racing Superstox, why he packed up – if he indeed ever did – and why National Super Rods now. Paul Huggett gets the inside story.

UK Speed Weekend XVIII
Report on the action packed weekend meeting for BriSCA F1’s, F2’s and Saloon Stock cars at Skegness. Report Chris and David Whiting

Dale Earnhardt Jnr
At 25, Dale Earnhardt Jnr has had some growing up to do this year and even though he still wears his baseball cap backwards and slouches around in his baggy shirts and jeans, so far mentally he appears to have done an outstanding job. Last year everyone expected ‘Little E’ to win the rookie of the year title, but his Busch Series rival and best friend Matt Kenseth put paid to that by 40 plus points.

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