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2003 Short Circuit Magazine December


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Retro Rod
As Spedeworth’s 2.0 litre class has grown in popularity in recent years, late model shapes like the Peugeot 206, Citroen Saxo, late Fiesta etc have filled the grids, with cars like the Peugeot 205, or the Nova, which were briefly in vogue, starting to look their age. After all, these were very much cars of the 1980s. Having raced what he claims was one of, if not THE first, Peugeot 205 on the short tracks, Trevor Packard, from Martlesham, Suffolk, was recently looking for something to revive his enthusiasm for racing – hence the Anglia.

RDC Set for New Year
Two regular racetracks, racing show involvement, a hand in the Stock Car Golden Jubilee year, all that and a life outside racing too – life’s never quiet (or dull) for the Coventrys! Story Paul Huggett
“Well, if you go too often it gets just like a job doesn’t it?!” That was RDC Promotions’ Ron Coventry on the other end of the ‘phone. We were talking about the need to have a winter break from racing; Ron, who sounded as though he might recommend such a thing is, in reality, the man who when he isn’t promoting the company’s twin tracks of Mildenhall and Dover, or building a race car for someone, or attending a promoters meeting, or running his and brother Dave’s full-time business away from the tracks, goes racing just to watch.

Celebrating Lives
Having for once arrived early at a meeting – it was the testimonial Saloon Stox shindig in honour of East Dereham legend Horry Barnes – it was soon apparent that this night was going to be a little lively, walking through the pits at Kings Lynn was like stepping back in time…. Story Malcolm Foskett

Robert takes a classy win in V8 World – Spedeworth’s V8 Stock Car division is at a crossroads right now. Go the right way, and the already enhanced level of competition in the class will gather momentum – well-subscribed classes always seem to draw more cars in – go the wrong way, and it will be the same old story of ‘more cars on the way’, but with too few drivers turning out to race on a regular basis. Story Paul Huggett

Angmering Open
The Metcraft Tanks Open Hot Rod championship at the Oval Race Club’s Angmering track is one of the annual musts for many racers and fans in the south-east, bringing as it does a chance to see drivers from ‘National’ spec cars and under from a wide sweep of the UK, doing battle with the local stars of the big banked raceway just outside Littlehampton, Sussex. Story Paul Huggett


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