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2003 Short Circuit Magazine July


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Neater 2 Litre
Keeping alive what you might call a ‘classic’ Hot Rod formula – that is, one using a ‘tin’ bodied road car as a donor, and turning it into a racer – in the 21st century isn’t always an easy thing. If you are to make such a car attractive to racers, it needs to be a good deal cheaper than a formula where you take a fabricated chassis, bolt stuff on it, and stick a composite steel / fibreglass / Kevlar body on top of it all…. Story Paul Huggett.

Pagden’s Progress
One of the 2 litre Hot Rods most consistent performers through thick and thin, wet and dry, talks to Paul Huggett about his life and times on the southern tracks.

National Hot Rod World
The run down on who is going to win the 2003 National Hot Rod World Championship.

On the MAP
One annual meeting that every Autograss racer with more than a few races under his or her belt will hear about, and very likely attend at least once if only to spectate, is the Midland Autograss Promotions – known universally as MAP – Open

Blue Flag Blues
There are valid reasons why promoters have started to use it more and more, we are told, and we thank Spedeworth’s Ray Wood, one of the best stewards in the business, for giving us the benefit on his insight into the work of the steward, and That Flag.

The ‘Mighty Atom’
For more than 25 years a midget car which never took part in a race held pride of place in the speedway section of the Donnington Motor Museum. In the early 1990s, the speedway section of the museum closed…..

Raymond Gunn – Tribute to a Saloon Driver
Stock Car fans all over the country were shocked after hearing of the tragic death of Scottish Saloon driver Raymond Gunn….

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