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2005 Short Circuit Magazine April


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The Chalkleys New F2 – we take a look behind the scenes.
Drive into Bedfordshire and you will probably see a sign that says ‘Central to the Oxford-Cambridge Arc’. Try and name as many BriSCA drivers from Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire then try Bedfordshire. Whose names come to mind? Kevin Shambrook for one, loads of others in years gone by. Now what about Chalkley?
Working as I do in the county at a Ford Dealer, I do tend to get calls from local racers looking for Ford parts for their race cars. Strangely enough, one of the first calls I took when I started there in 1998 was from BriSCA F2 driver Dave Buckley. Dave passed away a few years ago but the connection carries on in the Bedfordshire town of Arlesey.

National Hot Rods Return To Skeggy!
Skegness has always had something of an odd relationship with National Hot Rod racing – not so much love-hate, as just on-off. Pretty much ever since Frank Hughes decided that the East Coast holiday resort need the added entertainment value of a nearby stock car track and built his oval at Marsh Lane, Orby during the winter of 1976/77, there has been some kind of ‘rod’ racing at the venue.

Regular Rolling Rigs
Is that a line from a Dave Dudley or Red Simpson song? Could well be. Anyway, musical references aside, the UK’s short track truckers are set for a series of seven high-tonnage shoot-outs during the summer season. Paul Huggett got the gist from long time racer Mark Gent.

“Carry On Commentating!”
The show must go on!…. If you’re sat there on the terraces waiting for the first race of the day, chances are you’re totally oblivious to the ‘fun & games’ that could be going on ‘behind the scenes’ before the meeting presenter even bids you a warm, unflustered, welcome; and those same dulcet tones will convey all the excitement during the day’s programme too, maintaining a cool, calm, yet entertaining patter, even if the commentary box has just been invaded by an army of officials, sponsors and unofficial versions of both, meaning that all you can see is 20% of the track and you’re having to rely on Frankie Wainman JR, no less, to relay the action to you! Crazy, you bet! But for Nick Knowles, it’s one of those occupational hazards…

Ringwood Test Day
Jerry Fisher went along to the first Test Day at Ringwood. This was his chance to see some of the new cars and meet the drivers gearing themselves up for a busy season.

Round the Leagues – Part one: 1934
From its beginnings at Crystal Palace in south east London, midget car racing regarded itself as a speedway sport rather than a short circuit car sport. Consequently, after a handful of individual meetings at the Palace, the organisers set the sport on the same course as motorcycle speedway by introducing team racing by John Hyam

Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie Johnson has finished runner up in the last two NASCAR Cup championships behind Roush drivers Matt Kenseth and just eight points in arrears to Kurt Busch in 2004, but many are again tipping him to go one better this year. Interview by Martin D Clarke.

Paul Huggett column
John Hyam column
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