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2005 Short Circuit Magazine September


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Superstox World Review
You should be able to read this round about the time of this year’s Superstox World Championship, as appropriate a time as any in the racing year to have a look at who’s who at the top end of a division that was virtually written off as ‘dead’ in the late 1990s, but while lacking the huge total driver roster of the similar, but truly national, BriSCA Formula 2 has nevertheless bounced back in the last five years to put on some fine racing from adequate fields of cars, and has had some dramatic ‘World’ events, like the year when Mark Kelman went upside down on the rolling lap, but took his somewhat battered car to a win, or last year when Paul Poulter disposed of Garry Sparkes in the closing stages to win, before retiring more or less straight away to go Pickup racing at Rockingham…

Magnette-ic Atttraction
An invitation from Micky Thorpe to go down to Ringwood and race his classic M.G. Magnette Stock Saloon didn’t want much thinking about and as luck would have it, I had the coming Saturday night free. Just gotta do it…
… The car is the one which kicked off the growing interest, alongside BriSCA Heritage, THORA Stock cars and Incarace’s Classic Hot Rods, in 1970s style Stock Saloons, when Micky….

Hey you – come out from behind that fence!
For some years I have been aware of the Incarace – Motorsport Live experience that took place at Northampton. I had always believed that it was geared towards the large group bookings in the corporate entertainment market. Then earlier this year I was in contact with Mark Bond at Incarace about some photographs for the Mallory Mile programme and found out this was not true. Therefore a date was agreed on and money changed hands and this is how I came to be driving through the gates of Northampton Stadium at 10 am on a Saturday morning…

Passenger Rides at Thunder Sunday!
Rounds three and four at Rockingham saw the introduction of passenger rides to the Thunder Sunday experience in an all new two seat Pickup Truck…

Brit’s Bid For NASCAR Fame Gains Pace
Hampshire-based racing driver Daniel Boys’ aspirations to become the first Briton to win a NASCAR race took a step forward in June after he made his NASCAR Weekly Series debut at Seattle’s twin-ring Evergreen Speedway…

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