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2006 Short Circuit Magazine November


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Heard the one about the … Flock of Kiwis; a Stock Car Artist; an In-stox Camera and the Christmas Tree?
A chance conversation with Stock Kart racer and F1 mechanic Darrell Collins, who just happened to let slip he was the spannerman for New Zealand entrant Simon Joblin in the  BriSCA F1 World Final at Coventry.
Here’s a very different angle on this year’s BriSCA F1 World Final, but this is one feature that will go up and down and side-to-side more times than a stadium burger and fries… Let’s press the START button shall we?

Whacko for Jacko!
World victory at last for a 100% racer – It took Steven Jackson four years to become the top Ministox racer with Spedeworth, then four years to win the 1300 Stock Car World title – which he would have achieved a second time, had not his old school friend and rival Mark Smith crossed the line first, albeit upside down at the time – and it’s been four years in Superstox (and some very close calls) to get the gold roof to go with the rest of his similarly painted car.

The Tandy Style
When Joe and Nick Tandy moved on from Ministox at the turn of the century, they chose to follow the circuit racing route and spent a couple of seasons racing Minis (with no bumpers!) across the circuits of the UK.
Since then, the two have turned to single seaters, both have caught the attention of the Motor Racing press and certainly seem talented enough to make their ultimate dream to be professional racing drivers. We caught up with Nick and Joe at Brands Hatch

Stock Rod Retro
Believe it or not, the Stock Rods division has been running for thirty years now. Scenes From The Past photo gallery.

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