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2007 Short Circuit Magazine June


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Arena Essex; Exactly what is its future?
Tony Woodroffe, promoter at the track since his father’s death in 2002, and a part of the team there for a long time before that, agreed to talk about the future at what we have called ‘The Action Track’ in the past, on a sunny Sunday in May, as racers practised for the afternoon’s session.

Arena Ministox
Perhaps the most successful formula on the Arena Essex roster in 2007 is the Ministox class.

Team Cheetah – In it to win it!
Jason Carnwell, or ‘Jase’ as his family and friends call him, has the stature of a jockey and is fast becoming the Frankie Dettori of G P Midget racing. Back to back hat-tricks at rounds 2 and 3 mean that Jason will go into this year’s European Championship odds-on favourite starting on pole position and already leading the formula’s Points Championship by a healthy margin.

National Hot Rods in the 1980’s
The Formula saw a big change towards the end of the 1980’s, as rear wheel drive cars suitable for racing were getting scarce. The NHRPA allowed rear wheel drive conversions to front wheel drive cars.

SRV Shakedown!
If you want a brutally honest opinion about something they do say “ask your kids” so when Harry Sayell wanted a no holds barred comment on his latest Grand Prix Midget he put his eldest son Rob in it for a day.

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