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2007 Short Circuit Magazine May


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Three years On – Chris Bradbury on F2’s
Chris Bradbury first came to our notice as a Ministox racer with Spedeworth. We saw him go from first tentative laps to an accomplished young winner of races. We were not that surprised when he moved from the Minis into Superstox and started to win races there too, in a quite indecently short period. The kid had class. Not just racing prowess and an apparent lack of fear and certainly not just a heavy right foot, or, as some less than observant types would have it, because of a well-funded team with a good car. After all, you could give some people (and I am one) the best state-of-the-art Superstox there is and they couldn’t win races with any consistency. To do that aged not much more than 16, you need more than a family with the willingness to back you all the way, you need talent!

As far as Superstox star Colin Aylward is concerned, that would be the perfect personalised, registration number for his transport, now that the middle of the three Aylward brothers we profiled a couple of issues ago has taken over the reigns at chassis suppliers HCD.

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