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2008 Short Circuit Magazine July


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2008 National Hot Rod World Preview
Predicting the winner of this year’s ‘Gold Top Shoot Out’ reminds me a bit of the great detective Hercule Poirot gathering all the murder suspects in the Lounge and then one-by-one musing over just who had the motive and ultimately the ‘killer instinct’ to ‘do the business’. Now I’m no detective, but I do enjoy a plateful of Brussel Sprouts washed down by a bottle or two of Stella so that makes me half-Belgian at least and wind-assisted into the bargain, so that’s got to be good for the environment if not the cat sat next to me as I type. Here goes all and probably nothing of any real substance at all then.

School of Coull
Up a worn dead-end industrial road in the Sussex port town of Newhaven, near the concrete works and grimy metal recycling plant, there’s a small yard with a collection of old sheds and workshops tied together with corrugated iron roofs. You can tell it’s connected with our sport, because outside, propped up at a rakish angle is an M.G. Magnette, with garish paint and handwritten names and numbers on, and a Triumph 2000 with minimal decoration on its flanks. It could be 1973 and were this not the south of England, rather than Manchester, you might hesitate to stop for long in case DCI Gene Hunt and his team suddenly leap from behind the stacked tyres and semi-stripped cars to engage a gang of armed blaggers in battle.

It’s a Real Nostalgia Thing!
Ez Walker’s first car was a Ford POP so a recent move to BriSCA Heritage F2’s is a real trip down memory lane and one he is thoroughly enjoying.

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars Race Action Update
Roundup plus more detailed reports from the Coventry and Scottish Weekend.

Worldwide News
Reports on Race 12 – Coca Cola 600, Race 13 – Dover, Race 14 – Pocono, Race 15 – Michigan, plus news on Petty Enterprises and British NASCAR Driver On Course For First Win

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