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2008 Short Circuit Magazine October


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Marty’s Back Pages
It’s a golden afternoon in late summer, and somewhere in deepest Suffolk two gents of a certain age – or three if the writer is to be counted – are standing around in a big yard adjacent to a neat bungalow and a collection of sheds.
Suddenly a rural fellow slowly pushing a wheelbarrow of horticultural substances enters, stage left, and proceeds at a steady, measured, pace past the group and, saying nothing, exits through a gap between the buildings and disappears. “Who IS that then?” one of the gathering asks “Probably Sid Stitch, the Non-stop Dancer” replies the owner of the premises… Paul Huggett looks around a collection of Stock Cars owned by Marty Page who who collects and recollects Stock Cars.

Bye Bye Bovey
Though there had been rumours for a while, it was still a bit of a shock for many racers and fans when Spedeworth announced that they would be ceasing operations at Bovingdon Raceway following the last meeting of the 2008 season.

Geoff Bridges says “Thanks Dad”!
Anyone who has been around the small ovals any length of time watching or racing will know the names Bill and Geoff Bridges – many will also recognise the company G. W. & G. Bridges because at almost any meeting you will find the name plastered across a car somewhere. After what he modestly describes as a relatively successful racing career Geoff Bridges is hanging up his race boots at the end of 2008. He talked to Anne Sayell at this year’s RTS World Cup meeting about Superstox, his family and his dad without whom he says he would not have raced.

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars and National Hot Rods Race Action Update
Roundup plus more detailed reports.

Worldwide News
Reports on NASCAR Race 24 – Bristol, Race 25 – Fontana, Race 26 – Richmond, Race 27 – New Hampshire.


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