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2009 Short Circuit Magazine January


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Historic Review
The meeting of both BriSCA Heritage cars and Spedeworth THORA F1 and F2 on November 30 at Ipswich was one of the best the writer has seen since the Historic stock car movement began in earnest some six years ago. There are different approaches to this rapidly growing sector of the sport by its participants, a mixture of old time racers back for more in cars they love and understand, and mature enthusiasts who wish they’d done it years ago, with a sprinkling of younger hands persuaded by dad (or grandad) to have a go.

2008 CAMSO V8 Season Review
The 2008 CAMSO V8 championship delivered exactly what was expected of it: fast cars, lots of noise and action all the way!

Gerry Sheldrick – Scenes From the Past
In the first couple of decades of Stock Car racing in the UK, things were competitive alright, make no mistake about that, and, as with every single form of racing ever conceived since man’s love affair with the motor began there were always drivers and mechanics, often self-taught, maybe trained in the armed forces (and qualifying through the same ‘school’ as hard-but-fair no-nonsense geezers) who would try and push it a little further each time out on the track. These days, racers who do it just for fun and don’t feel the need to try desperately hard to win every race they enter are few and far between, but in the late 1950’s and early 60’s there were plenty like that. This included one Gerry Sheldrick…

The Championship Winners in 2008
A quick guide to who won what in the year 2008. The Major titles are listed, plus a few others for good measure!

NASCAR Sponsorship
With the huge downturn in the US auto industry and the big three auto manufacturers struggling as much as they are Stateside the effect on US and possibly racing worldwide is hanging in the balance…

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