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Sweet Stockie
Steve Marten’s new 1300 Nova is a real team effort and looks a treat – our cover car for this month.

Morphey & Son
At one point a few years back, there could have been up to four Morphey brothers racing at Spedeworth 1300 Stock car meetings. Since then, Luke (aka Rambo), Daniel (Beef) and younger bro’ Jake, have, in the first case, ceased racing for now, while the latter pair have got heavily involved in Motocross. There are further Morpheys too, all living in the vicinity of Peasenhall, Suffolk, and sister Donna.

The Spedeworth V8 Stock Car formula has had up to four members of the Harris racing clan on track at any one time in years gone by, but retirement, business pressures and in the case of Daryl Harris, a few rather busy years in the Royal Air Force in keeping our lads overseas supplied with gear, have meant we’ve seen rather less of the formerly West London based crew in recent years.

V6 Super Rods Season Review 2009
National Super Rods, V6 Super Rods, Slick cars, what is the difference and what is happening? A couple of questions that were raised at the start of 2009. Well, in a couple of words, not a lot at the time.

Life of a G P Midget Newcomer – Marc Deland
When Marc Deland bought Harry Sayell’s Grand Prix Midget at the end of 2008 he had no prior racing experience and no aspirations other than to finish respectably well – he ended 2009 with the Best Newcomer trophy, 7th overall in the series and British Champion. Marc talked to Anne Sayell recently about his first year as a Grand Prix Midget driver and his hopes for the year to come.

News from our NASCAR experts Martin D Clark and Mike Greenwood.

Columns from the sports leading writers and personalities which usually include: Paul Huggett, Richard John Neil, and Jim Turner.
Other regular items include:
National Hot Rod Race Action Update, BriSCA F1 Race Action update, Short Track America, Scenes from the Past, Small Ads, The Hottest Racers But No Ice, Race Lines, plus lots of news…

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