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2011 Short Circuit Magazine May


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Main features below… 44 PAGES

Ministox and the Boulty Boy
George Boult Junior had a terrific year in 2010 with ORCi Ministox, and there’s never a dull moment when the lad from deepest Surrey is around. This year has been interesting too, so far, to say the least! Paul Huggett visits Team Boulty to get the story, add a few amusing quotes, and find out what lies in store for this second-generation racer, and muses over how many famous names repeat themselves in the junior class.

Newtongrange Remembered!
2011 will be remembered as the 30th anniversary of the opening of Newtongrange stock car track in Scotland although the track was to close its doors at the end of the 1988 season. It also heralded the formation of Gordon McDougall Promotions (GMP) and the introduction of BriSCA to Scotland but now is a housing estate! Whilst Newtongrange had a fairly short life span, GMP is still going strong, ironically back at Cowdenbeath. Jim Turner writes…

Hottest Racers but no ICE
Six whole pages of the best and refurbished oval racing machine mostly from the UK you are ever likely to see.

Meeting Reports
Include MASCAR Round 1 and 2, G P Midgets West Country Challenge Cup, G P Midgets National Championship, Superstox East Anglian Championship, and the StoxKarts April roundup, plus roundups for BriSCA F1’s and National Hot Rods

Young Racers Corner
Introducing: Ayrton Mitchell – is the 12 year old son of multi formula racing driver Phill Mitchell.

NEW – Colin Casserley’s BriSCA F1 Stox column, plus Paul Huggett and Jim Turner, regular columns

News from our NASCAR experts Martin D Clark and Mike Greenwood including reports from: Round 4 – Bristol, Round 5 – Fontana, Round 6 Martinsville, and Round 7 – Texas.

Columns from the sports leading writers and personalities which usually include: Paul Huggett, and Jim Turner.
Other regular items include:
National Hot Rod Race Action Update, BriSCA F1 Race Action update, Short Track America, Scenes from the Past, Small Ads, The Hottest Racers But No Ice, Race Lines, plus lots of news…

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