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Oval Track Classic Magazine Issue 3


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What’s in issue 3:

Oval and Out! The ramblings of Oval Track Classic’s editor looking at this very issue and anything else of a nostalgic nature – just so long as there is an oval track connection.

Brian Jones BriSCA Heritage has been neglected in our magazine so far so we decided to rectify that with a look at the man who has built one of the most beautiful cars in the formula and who was a champion himself back in the early 1970s…

Geoff and Mick Dixon Father and son team Geoff and Mick Dixon have two classic Hot Rods. One of them is very classic indeed. Oh, and they have a classic Super Rod as well…

Belle Vue 1955 Colour photographs are hard enough to get hold of from the 1960s but when Des Penny got in touch and told us about this reel of pictures from 1955 we were intrigued…

Tennant ‘the Saint’ Douglas Tennant ‘the Saint’ Douglas was one of the top Superstox drivers in the formative years of Spedeworth Scotland during the mid sixties through to the early seventies.

Brian Bearman A look at one of the largely unsung heroes of Spedeworth Superstox racing – Brian Bearman. A talented driver and without doubt this has to be one of the best loved Superstox cars to grace the Spedeworth circuits from the early seventies well into the 1990s…

Classic Racing on DvD Archive photos are hard enough to find but when someone comes along with some moving pictures of racing in days gone by it’s time to have a closer look…

Postcard from America ‘Postcard from…’ returns as 1970s Midget designer, builder and racer Paul Daly talks to us from his home in America…

Classic/Historic Dates 2010 Some fixtures that have been released early but ARE subject to change

Six of One – Back in 1982 Cowdenbeath was still under the Spedeworth Scotland banner. Des Penny takes us back nearly 30 years!

Half a Dozen of another… Oval Track Classic’s editor ventured to Wimbledon in September armed with his trusty camera to have a look at the Historic Stock Saloons from some different angles.

London’s White City Stadium One of all too many lost stadia in London. Richard John Neil looks back at west London’s White City stadium – one that perhaps had more history than most. A shame therefore that short oval racing had but a brief stay…

David Oates – Part 1
Hampshire’s David Oates is one of many drivers who cut his teeth on the short ovals before moving onto the big circuits. He’s raced a variety of cars and formulae over the years. Here we get the chance to see if anything has changed in his life since the 80’s!”

Extra Laps… Extra Laps is dedicated to follow up information on articles in previous issues.

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