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2002 Short Circuit Magazine December


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Season Reviews
We review the 2002 season for the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars and the ASCAR Stock Car Championship.

Scenes from the Past
They don’t make ’em like that anymore!
Racer, photographer, collector, and all-round racing enthusiast Alan Humphrey has provided us with much past scenery on these pages – and here we go again. Alan has always had an eye for the unusual, as well as the star cars of the sport and we’ve put together this sample of how, in the days when if you wanted an open wheel race car like a Formula 2 or Superstox you built it yourself, and thoughts on what the machine should look like varied enormously.

Penalties….. let’s get it right!
Paul Huggett thinks that all too often, they don’t. Every sport needs rules. Those rules, be they governing the way an event is run – mostly the responsibility of the organisers – or the way the participants conduct themselves, must be enforced correctly and the results made public to show that the system works. In Motor Racing , like a few other sports, the equipment that can be used, in our case, the cars, has a whole set of rules dedicated to it for safety, class equality, and overall performance.

Open Season
Two Wet Weekends – but the racing was fine! Paul Huggett went along to two of the increasingly popular Open meetings that now dot the racing calendar in the autumn and came away well satisfied – if a bit damp on occasion! They were held at the Fleet Motor Club Aldershot Open – showpiece event for a potential weekly track, and the Short Circuit Hot Rod Open at Angmering… read the full report in SC

A Chance to be Famous – Part 2
Anne Sayell tells the story of three more drivers in Part 2, this time giving Stock Rod driver Luke Harwin, Superstox driver Richard Smith and Midget Racer Chris Phillips a chance to be famous.

Clement and Mackenzie Supreme
Rather than endowing a bogus ‘World’ title on their Group A Hot Rod division, Arena-Essex used similar qualifying procedures to establish a grid for a one-shot race at the latter end of their much defined racing season and called in the Supreme Championship. That was a long time ago now and through nearly two decades of Group A, which despite a few ups and downs is now a well established, sensibly policed class with good fields of cars at each and every meeting. It is also a class which the promoters can send on visits further afield – like Ringwood and Mallory Park – and be entirely proud of in terms of the way the cars look, and the way the drivers race…. read the full report.

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