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2002 Short Circuit Magazine July


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National Hot Rod World Championship Preview
Special issue covering the National Hot Rod World Championship, with pictures of all the main competitors, plus the Ipswich Press Day, and Spedeweekend Memories From a Yank – Almost! Yeah life in the US is great, in the right position you earn more than the UK and your buck goes further than the good old Pound, plus everything is bigger and better right? Well in the case of oval racing maybe not depending on how you look at it!

OK with the Cayzers
Paul Huggett meets the Cayzers: Farming, Stock Car racing and Tesco supermarkets all play a part in a busy life for this Suffolk based racing team. Meet Steve, Stuart, Alan and John.

Weird or wonderful – The Alien
Keith ‘Spud’ Tatum decided to build himself a new Supastox, around Christmas time he put his thoughts to use. He decided that what was needed was a car with most of the weight on the inside and as far back as possible.

Weekend Of Contrasts
One minute sun, the next minute rain – one shale track, one tarmac, one contact only meeting, one heavy on the Rods. Paul Huggett packed two cameras, sun-cream and waterproofs and trekked off to the East (of England that is).

Spedeworth 1300 Stock Cars – Up or Down?
There is conflicting opinion in the bars, on the terraces, and in the pits, at Spedeworth race meetings about the state of their 1300cc Stock Car formula. Some say it’s on the wane, others that it’s about to boom, big-time. Paul Huggett asks a few of the drivers.

Mallory 2002
The annual Oval Invasion of the Mallory Mile for the British Long Track Championships took place at the magnificent Mallory Park circuit deep in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside on May 19th and once again it was a resounding success as it produced simply breathtaking racing from all the formulae involved.

Restored Super Rod Sierra
Malcolm Foskett got hold of a well worn race car and turned it into a sharp shooting smoothie. After looking at some gruesome specimens, they came across a Sierra, owned by Dave Larkin and originally built by Irish specialist in the class Wilson Hamilton: someone else has suggested the car was once owned and raced by Birmingham’s Gordon Bland, which would make it quite a ‘vintage’ racer and one of the earliest examples of a Sierra based car.

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