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2002 Short Circuit Magazine June


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V8 Engines in Oval Racing
Engines with eight cylinders, arranged in a V-formation, four in each bank, driving a common crankshaft. Big-capacity motors, with horsepower to match. And above all, that sound. Paul Huggett looks at the background for the use of the V8 engines in the UK.

From the Ground Up
Spedeworth V8 Stox racer Peter Guymer had a long career in building things before he ever put together an open wheel race car – now he’s getting busy at that, as well as the day job. How exactly does a man with a racing habit, and a successful specialist business employing 50 people in a field unrelated to motor sport, find time to build his own race cars, and help develop the division he enjoys by building and refurbishing cars for other people? Paul Huggett finds out

Miles and Miles and Miles…..
Sometimes oval racing skips a generation, but what can you do when Dad has a big old workshop, races offroad, and used to be one of the most innovative and hard charging Superstox racers of the 1960’s and 70’s ? If you’re Dave Miles III, you go racing. And we’ve got all these neat pictures of Grandpa’s many chariots of fire. Too good not to use ’em.

A Chance to be Famous Part 1
Several drivers have already taken up the opportunity to tell their story offered in Short Circuit’s letters page recently. We’ve kicked off with 3 different profiles including Lee Hazeltine a Junior driver, Owen Brown a non-contact Superstox driver and finally Barry Goldsby who had his first win recently after a 28 year wait! Compiled by Anne Sayell.

Racing at Rockingham
An American style superspeedway is something British race fans have been wanting for a long time and thanks to considerable investment and a lot of thought and planning, Rockingham has finally happened. Initial impressions at the first ‘proper’ ASCAR meeting from Matthew Bull.

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