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2003 Short Circuit Magazine April


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Hednesford Hills Raceway 40th Year
The History and the Here and Now by Paul Huggett

We were initially prompted to write a piece on one of the UK’s premier oval raceways – some consider it the best short track this side of the Atlantic – because it was celebrating forty years of racing. Not so. Hednesford Raceway – Hednesford Hills Raceway to give it the full title bestowed by its proud founder back in 1963 is now, if you’re counting, in its 41st season; this is mainly, from our point of view, because there is so much to say about the asphalt surfaced quarter mile up in the rural Midlands adjacent to Cannock Chase, that it had slipped by the end of the 40th by the time we got it all figured out. There is still more than enough for a fair sized book left over…..

Derek Linch – Still Standing Tall
Paul Huggett visits multiple Autograss champion Derek Linch, and finds he’s as fired up and ready to race as ever – and he wants his titles back! He’s a bit of a Party Animal too.

Superstox old and New
Any worries that the 2001/2 growth in the Superstox division was due to fizzle out were dispelled when the open wheel gang reconvened at Wimbledon in March, with a pleasing quantity of cars that prompted the question: “Who’s is the number so and so…?” There were new cars galore for established and returnee racers, a ‘vintage’ machine back on track for the first time in at least a decade and plenty of signs that more and more young drivers are choosing – or having chosen for them – a career in Supers after their Ministox apprenticeships – something that was virtually unheard of a few years back.

Short Circuit Top Ten
At the start of each season we have a look at the list of Championship winners in most of the formulae that race on our tracks to see how the previous year’s racing has affected the statistics and how the current crop of racers compare to the all-time greats in terms of winning titles.

Legends Test Day
The legends recently had a test and press day at Northampton Raceway. Fifteen cars turned up to blow away the winter cobwebs.

Daytona 500
News and views, plus all the other Winston Cup action and other Worldwide news.

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