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2003 Short Circuit Magazine January


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Grand Little Racers
Fancy an ‘instant Hot Rod’ with the Winston Cup look? These could be for you.
Alan Currall is a man with a mission. That mission, for the ex Kart racer and lifelong F1 Stox fan from Kettering, Northants is to convince UK racers that they would like to be a part of yet another new class of race car. Looking for something that would feed his own need for speed, Alan copped a look at the Baby Grand class that has grown at a rapid pace in the USA and fell in love with the cars, downsized – 2/3rd scale – NASCAR Winston Cup Chevy Monte Carlo or Ford Thunderbird replicas. Story Paul Huggett

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion on Colin White …..
As personable as anyone could possibly be off track, his dominance and hard charging style on track earned him many admirers and just as many detractors! It is now over two years since the National Hot Rod scene lost its most dominant driver in rather acrimonious style, Since then, Colin has moved onto ASCAR and is doing very well for himself…. Matthew Bull talks to Colin, albeit not without a certain degree of controversy!

Geoff Goddard and Son
Here’s a ‘father and son’ racing story involving three continents – Europe, North America and Africa – and it’s written by a Canadian Englishman – Rick Young
We start our tale in Berkshire, England in the early 1960s, where a young apprentice motor technician called Geoff Goddard, from Reading, first took an interest in stock car racing……

2002 Season Review Winston Cup
Re-live some memorable moments of the 2002 Winston Cup season in words and pictures.

Stockkarts are derived from an indoor Kart racing chassis but that is where the similarities end. Stub axles and any other vulnerable components have been beefed up and with bumpers and nerfs all round, together with a full multi point cage, 5 point harness and dressed in alloy, this Kart is made for ‘real’ racing oval style!

G T Sportscars
The cars have been developed to be affordable to race and repair with most of the running gear and engine coming from Vauxhall Nova and Astral cars. Final specifications are still to be confirmed regarding tyres and modifications to the 1400 engine. See how Incarace are promoting this formula avoiding the already busy formula schedule at their three tracks in 2003.

Personal Memories of Terry O’Connor
I can clearly remember the day that I decided to become a Terry O’Connor fan. It was while standing at Arlington as a teenager one Bank Holiday Monday watching the Superstox, cheering on my favourite driver at the time, the late great Paul Warwick…. Story Daniel Ruston.

2002 Best in Britain
The twenty third annual staging of the Best in Britain Championships took place on November 24 at its traditional Wimbledon home and there were some superb races including an absolutely classic Superstox Final and one of the all time great drives in the National Hot Rods from Dave Longhurst.

Exit Interview – Sayell Team
A look down the roll of honour for the Grand Prix Midgets champions over the years reveals a series of names often winning the title time and again. From Rod Tanswell’s first two wins in the sixties, then Paul Emery, Frank Boyles, Malcolm Goodman, Alf Boarer through to Basil Craske. Since 1990 there has only been one surname gracing top of the list at the end of season points – Harry Sayell. Harry won for nine years on the trot before son Rob successfully took up the challenge. Harry has since moved into Superstox and Rob is set to quit after the Winter test series in South Africa. We wanted to find out more about the Sayell’s move away from Midgets…

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