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2003 Short Circuit Magazine September


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Into the Spotlight
Kevin Randell is one of those racers who just turns up and gets on with the job. No fuss, no trouble. Self-built cars, low-profile approach. All that has conspired to keep to attention off the frequent fast flyer from Luton in the past. Winning the Spedeworth 2.0 Hot Rod World has meant it’s high time to find out more about the man and the machinery…… Story Paul Huggett.

Stock Rods Safe With Us
Says Spedeworth’s Mark Eaton. First, an abbreviated version of an e-mail received from one of the division’s graded drivers, who preferred not to reveal his identity, which spurred us to ask one of racing’s top promoters what the future holds for the 1400cc Rod class:…..

Superstox World Preview
This year’s Superstox World Championship race could be one of the most open in years, with at least half the entry having had at least some wins this year, the other half with little chance of doing more than make up a full grid, some very determined drivers in good form, and all on Wimbledon’s unloved and unpredictable surface. Sounds good? Well there are two chances to see the leading contenders in action…… Story by Paul Huggett

Antony Ross is one of the undoubted stars of Autograss, he has won three class 8 National titles, the latest a few weeks ago at Yorkshire Dales superb experimental track, and has the major hand in producing what are currently the most sought-after chassis in the business.

Grooming for Stardom
Bill’s brigade race for fun, and he sponsors racing just because he likes it. Good man…… Story and photos Paul Huggett

Undercover Agent – Matt Kenseth
Current Winston Cup point leader Matt Kenseth could best be described as the series ‘Stealth’ driver, using a low key approach he often qualifies poorly but ‘works undercover’ to move up front when it matters in the final segment of just about any race. Story Martin D Clark.

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