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2004 Short Circuit Magazine January


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Race Seat to Hot Seat – Deane Wood
“It’s just a rumour isn’t it?” says Deane Wood, coming on the ‘phone to answer my request for an interview to talk about his new role as director of Spedeworth South, and then he laughs. I know what he means – there were weeks of rumours, months even and countless Internet forum stories going the rounds before it was made official. Now the dust has settled, we thought it was time for the 42 year old career short track racer and businessman to have the opportunity to tell us about the deal, how it will affect Spedeworth racers, what it will mean to the fans who attend the – currently – three tracks that the organisation promotes in the south of England, Wimbledon Stadium, Bovingdon and Arlington Raceway, Eastbourne. Paul Huggett Story

Simply Sworder
The main reason you remember a Mick Sworder win, is the trail of devastation he leaves behind him in his pursuit of a win. Other top F2 racers may turn up the heat at the major title races, but you get the impression that Mick is always on it, even in a domestic consolation race. Mick’s philosophy in a Stock Car is: “Win or bust” and he has gained many fans on the terraces for this, perhaps slightly fewer fans on track! Story Matthew Bull.

Sandy Williams
A remarkable person and one of those folk that you never hear anything bad about – Sandy Williams has been involved in Autograss, doing almost everything from driving a race car to running major meetings. It takes a special sort of person to carry on with a huge amount of – unpaid – work, when the dice roll against you and it looks like all that work over all those years has been summarily dumped on. Who? Where? Why? Let this remarkable lady tell some of the rest herself, why don’t we?

Second Generation Legends in Legends…
Donington Park’s Legends Cars race meeting provided us ‘long in the tooth’ oval racing fans with the chance to reminisce about the early seventies whilst enjoying some of the best racing to be seen anywhere in the UK. From time to time over the past couple of years we’ve been throwing in scraps of information about the Danish racing scene. For the Donington Park Legends Cars meeting we were delighted to welcome ex Hot Rodder Carl-Erik Kristensen and his son Jacob who made his Legends Cars and UK racing debut. Story Richard John Neil

ASCAR 2003
We review the Days of Thunder 2003 season which started the year known as ASCAR in words and pictures.

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