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2004 Short Circuit Magazine October


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Replica and Restored Stock Cars, a newly built M. G. Magnette, Retro-Rods, old time drivers being dragged from their cosy firesides on nights out, where old rivalries are rekindled….. the UK short track time machine is rolling. Where will it all end, asks our own fifty-something vintage model, Paul Huggett? Is nostalgia what it used to be? You decide (if you’re old enough).

Squeezing In!
Malcolm Foskett tries on some Midget racers for size.

Canadian Tour part 1
It all started when our man in Canada, Rick Young, told us that Ron Morin, the promoter at his local speedway, Cornwall, had suggested it would be good to get a Brit driver over to race in his personal car, a ProStock class dirt track Chevy, which Ron races at other local tracks between running his own. Naturally, SC’s Malcolm Foskett, with a bit of dirt racing way back in his long and chequered career fitted the bill!

Nudge and Spin, Ramp Jump The Works
Fozzy joins the ORC Team for a little Nudge and Spin for a trip to Croydon Motor Club, and takes part in a ramp jump – funny thing to do for a track test. It was a one off!

Midget -v- Speedway Bike
There has always been a more-than-friendly rivalry between speedway and small oval car racing. It led John Hyam to research a time when efforts were made to prove which were the faster – midget cars or speedway bikes?

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