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2005 Short Circuit Magazine July


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How To Prepare For An Ipswich Spedeweekend
Undoubtedly the highlight of the Spedeworth calendar, I set out to find out just what we can expect this time, but also, just what it takes each and every year for our ‘grand old host’ to get all dressed up and put on a new coat of make-up, ready to warmly serve the needs of over 6,000 race fans each day, during what is effectively a very hectic, but enormously fun, non-stop 48 hour party. So, having asked Stadium Manager Nick Thomas that very question and established his favourite frock and preferred shade of Boots No.7, I then asked him how the stadium prepared for the party of the year as well. Good job he’s ‘game for a laugh’! by Kevin Wegg

Magnificent Mallory
The annual Oval Invasion of the Mallory Mile has now firmly established itself as one of the highlights of the year and once again this year’s event on May 15 produced a superb day’s racing.

Girl power in a Rookie Banger
The ever-popular Rookie Banger formula has attracted its fair share of new drivers since it started and many of them have progressed to other short oval formulas. One recent convert to the ranks was regular Spedeworth trophy presenter, Janine Pettit, who swapped her usual eye catching attire for a set of racing overalls.

BriSCA F1 and National Hot Rod Race Action Updates
Loads of BriSCA F1 reports and the National Hot Rods plus points chart in our Race Action Updates – along with over 60 reports on other formulas….

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