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2006 Short Circuit Magazine March


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State of the Art Grassers
The top classes of Autograss racing cars have come a long way from their ‘Jalopy’ roots. We look at some of the quick ones on view when they came calling for a rare appearance on tarmac at Arena-Essex recently, see how the sport stands in 2006, and remember some of their earlier exploits on the hard tracks. Story Paul Huggett

Bell on Historic Racing
Historic stock car racer Duncan Bell lives way out west on the borders of Devon and Cornwall, his regular car is stabled in East Anglia, but his enthusiasm for his reborn racing career – he quit the sport for about forty years – is as great as it was when he was a Sussex teenager running at Arlington and Lydden Hill during the 1950s. Now 68 – but looking way younger – Duncan is busy with a new Historic project for the 2006 season on the Spedeworth tracks, a Model B Ford, similar to that which he raced in his early days and which was the classic car of choice for Midlands based fifties hero Harold ‘Bozzy’ Bosworth, Jack Tipping, and others in the era when the cars were more ‘stock’ in the sense of being unmodified motors out of the scrapyard or the used car lot. Story Paul Huggett

Another Winter’s Tale – Chapter 2.….
News that work on Yarmouth Stadium – a massive £2.5 million + modernisation of its Grandstand to incorporate a new 240-seater restaurant and Executive Boxes (due to open in Autumn 2006) – won‘t affect the Stock Car or Greyhound racing programme in the meantime, prompted former racer and legendary Foxhall character Mick Winter to burst forth with another (true) Winter’s Tale, eager to recall how Greyhound racing wasn’t stopped back there in 1940 either – at least to start with – when Caister Road raceway was officially opened despite Adolf Hitler’s best efforts no less! Story Kevin Wegg

Love 81
We’ve got a nice set of shots from Spedeweekend 1981 at Ipswich, by top Scottish photographer of the time Frank Love. Many of Frank’s shots graced ‘SC’ in the eighties, and while he was always a keen Hot Rod fan, he liked a bit of Stock Car action too, as you can see….

2005 Reviews
This month we review the BriSCA F1 and BriSCA F2 seasons.

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