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2006 Short Circuit Magazine May


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V8 Stock Cars – Giving it Large!
Malcolm Foskett track-tests a bunch of machines that are out there in what is probably the best season ever for Spedeworth’s big open wheel class. (Photos Jim Crucefix).
With all the formulas we have tested over the last few years there has been something that each and every one has had, that sets it apart from the last. If put on the spot I don’t think I could say which one was my favourite, they have all been a bit of a challenge, but more than that, great fun! The owners have been superb, letting us loose in their pride and joy! – and more than a few have asked us to “Give it some stick!”

Extreme Machines
As in most forms of racing the small industries that are the mainstay of short oval racing are often run by racers or racers families, over the last few years short circuit has visited more than a few,
The likes of Racers Hardware, Randall Race Engines and most recent Simpson’s Exhausts, all having racing links to the ovals and now working hard to keep racers on the track.
This season I hope to speak to a few of the small businesses run by racers, to get things going the first stop on the ‘tour’ see’s us in the heart of Suffolk, half way between Bury St Edmunds and Diss set in the top corner of small but tidy yard are the workshops of one Titch Gardner and his team.

WIZ on Track and on the Dance Floor
Warren (Wiz) Farazmand has a buzz about the 2006 season. This will be his second full year in the Outlaw Hot Rods and he hopes that it will act as a springboard onto the National scene, should all go well.
‘Short Circuit’ took a trip to his team’s base at the family run JCF Car Clinic in a snug part of Kingston in the hurly burley of South London, to find out about the man and the motor.
It soon became clear that Warren Farazmand has two passions in his life. You see, quite apart from being a very handy racer, Warren also has a talent in another field – Dancing.

Nic Grindrod
Pickup Truck racing’s reigning champion Nic Grindrod could well be looking over his shoulder this year – not just at the drivers who chased him to the title last year but also his younger brother, Richard, who moves into the Trucks this season.

A Winter’s Tale full of Characters. Chapter 3 .….Stripping down to your ‘undies’ and donning black tights under cover of darkness is perhaps not as uncommon as you might think at Foxhall Heath, but in the middle of the day and when the pits are full of race cars, surely not ….. but then again, this is resident Foxhall character and former Stock Car racer Mick Winter we’re talking about! ……. writes Kevin Wegg.

Looking Good in Pink!
Mike Walmsley’s new Superstox gets the once-over from Malcolm Foskett. (Photos Trevor Foskett)

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