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2006 Short Circuit Magazine September


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Gary Goodswen – 2.0 Hot Rod World Champion
“To be honest”, said our subject, when we got down to the interview for this story, following his win in the World 2.0 Hot Rod Championship, “I’m still in shock a little bit I think. Really, it’s the first major title I’ve won in Hot Rods, and we’d got used to things going wrong lately.”
“Mind you” he chuckles, perhaps a little pointedly, “If you read any previews or stories about the World beforehand, no-one else was thinking I was going to win it either. It was all about Paffs, Diggy or the Irish, I don’t think I got a mention!”

Standlake Arena
Continuing our series on racing at some of the independent tracks, Malcolm Foskett and the Baby Grand team visit Oxfordshire’s race venue.

A Rookie in a Banger!
Malcolm Foskett goes for a short sharp shock with Cecil and the team. The times I have heard people in the crowd at a race track say “I’d like to do that but don’t have the time/money or both” got us thinking, in my early days the only way to get on the track was to buy or build a car, get the thing to the track, pay for a year long licence, buy a crash helmet, buy some overalls, and then usually with no knowledge or practice straight out in a race!

Fast, Furious and above all For Fun!
Take it seriously? You must be joking! Kevin Thurlow may well be chuffed (and rightly so) to have sloshed the red paint over the roof of his 1300cc Stock Car after 21 years in the racing business, but it won’t change his attitude to racing, which is what, exactly, Kev? “Poor!”, he laughs. “It’s a stress buster and as such I actually go out to lose – if I go up the fence, spin out or don’t finish it doesn’t matter. Put it like this, when I raced Bangers it was three years before I actually finished a race!” Sounds like my kinda driver – give it large and ‘ave a laugh – and Kev has certainly done that over the years …… writes Kevin Wegg.

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