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2007 Short Circuit Magazine July


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‘The man in Black: NatRod Attack!’
It’s the last lap of what has been an absorbing National Hot Rod World Final and all is looking good when suddenly it goes ‘tits up’ on the penultimate straight – the two leading contenders are all over the place; vociferous race fans are split down the middle and as the chequered flag falls on another driver altogether it’s fair to say that thousands of eyes and ears are rapidly turning to the Clerk of the Course for what can only be a ‘no-win‘ decision! We talk to Chris Studd digging deep and can now exclusively reveal the ‘Confessions of an Oval Racing Steward’! Part 1

National Hot Rod World Preview
It’s amazing how time flies, one minute it’s Easter, then a couple of bank holidays come along and before you know it the National Hot Rod World final is upon us again.

Team Cheetah Part 2 – It’s all About Balance
Last month Short Circuit looked at the people who make up Team Cheetah, this month we complete the picture with a closer look at the race car itself which its builder claims provides irrefutable evidence that Grand Prix Midgets are the quickest formula currently running the short circuit scene.

Spedeworth Stock Car Build – Part 2
Continuing with the back to basics approach to the Spedeworth 2ltr Stock Car, (Part 1 was in August 2006 issue) the choice of engine builder was a very easy decision to make. Having put together most of the successful engines in the 1300 Stock Car and the World championship winning Super Rod engine, this was definitely one for me. Different people have different capabilities (and cash) so the money that we saved building our own engine has gone into the car construction as we don’t have the welding facilities. We can cope with repairs as and when they happen, but not to actually build it. Sometimes it’s the other way around, sometimes all the driver wants to do is get in and race it and hand it over to the car builder to repair.

Jonathan Pooley – Here to Stay
Jonathan Pooley ‘cut his teeth’ in Grand Prix Midget racing aged 17 – in South Africa. Jonathan was no stranger to short circuit racing however having started out some four or five years earlier in Alwalton Raceway’s Junior Formula with a Mini. To say he was successful is something of an understatement, winning three consecutive championships only being narrowly beaten in the 4th season by his younger brother Daniel who had taken over Jonathan’s winning car when Jonathan had a new one.

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