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2007 Short Circuit Magazine April


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After weeks of rumour and speculation, negotiations and meetings, Deane Wood finally took over as head of Spedeworth Motorsports. Buying the share of the company that was Spedeworth East Anglia from Roy Eaton puts Spedeworth HQ firmly back at Aldershot, where the company was ‘born’ 47 years ago. For the first time, there will be no Eatons on the board, or directly involved with running the promotion that has seen quite a few changes in recent years.

Lowline Saloon
Current 2 Litre Saloon Stock Car World Champion and National Points champion, David Aldous, debuted a radical new car at Arena Essex on 11 March.

We Try the ‘Arrive & Drive’ Racing Experience
For those drivers who would like to race but are not yet ready for the crash and bang, GOOD NEWS! You can now hire a Rookie Rod, simply turn up at the track and experience ‘Arrive and Drive Racing’. Youngsters (by my standards) Shaun Taylor and his ‘better’ half Carrie Whincop along with her long suffering dad Paul Whincop, who on his birthday was still there working away to keep the cars running, and looking like he was enjoying himself, have set up a rental business.

Bob’s Back Pages
Family is important to Bob Davis. Involved with racing for over 35 years now, he has probably spent only about 50% of that time span in actual competition, but has, as a result, spent lots of “quality time” with wife of 28 years, Sandra, and their children, Emma (25), Bobby Jnr (22) and Joanne (19), and enjoyed a rounder, fuller, life than many career racers. Like many of us who need to scratch the racing itch, but perhaps in two or three year sections, Bob hasn’t won many major races, but he HAS driven – and built – some very sharp looking race cars, and produced winning rides for others.

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