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2007 Short Circuit Magazine March


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Keep your Ferrari – Mine’s an MG Magenete!
You might have thought that after building race-winning engines for the likes of David Coulthard and Eddie Irvine – not to mention a top-secret project for Ferrari – that NICK DELLAR would be interested in something a little racier and shall we say, up-to-date, than his Historic Saloon Stock Car, but no, forget your Ferrari Red – a 60’s Red MG Magnette is his one true passion and not just any old one at that! writes Kevin Wegg.

Leicester Memories – Scenes from the Past
In the second half of the 1970s, myself and a small bunch of mates made fairly frequent treks up-country in search of Formula 1 Stock car action. All the remaining southern venues for the big V8s had disappeared by then – Lydden Hill, Crayford, Harringay – and although Chick Woodroffe was still running his Festival of Speed meetings at Brands Hatch, they no longer featured BriSCA racing alongside the PRI Bangers and other divisions.

Bring It On!
2006 was one of the best Grand Prix Midget seasons for some time, now the formula is looking forward to 2007 with a good degree of optimism.

News and Views from the NEC
Adrian Blackwell presents a roundup of news and comment from the open wheel community at the Oval Racing section of Autosport International.

South Africa Latest News

Daytona 500
News from maybe the biggest Stock Car race of them all!

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