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2007 Short Circuit Magazine November


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Big League Grassin’
After years of up and down fortunes in the south east, National Autograss at top level came to Kent and found the job a good ‘un, from the ground up. Story and Pics Paul Huggett

Hooked on Classics
Dean Vale has spent two years preparing a road-going version of a Hot Rod that his father, Ray, used to race in the seventies.

Mr and Mr Smith – Simply Getting on With it!
There are several father and son teams in Grand Prix Midget racing so its not unusual for a father to go off in search of a head gasket for his son’s race car on a Sunday morning, but not many would then come back with a carrier bag of 20 or 30 ice creams for their son’s fellow racers and their families. There’s no gasket, John having scoured the area but having been unable to find one so David calmly eats his ice cream and then refits the old one. This good natured approach to racing is typical and is what singles out John Smith and his son David from the rest.

MotorFest ’07
Short circuit formulae played a significant role in this year’s MotorFest 07 at Rockingham Motor Speedway on 15/16th September which featured a huge variety of Motor Sports and used at least five different circuits within the vast Rockingham complex, situated near Corby.

BriSCA F1 World Championship
The Smith family are making a habit of winning the BriSCA F1 Stock Car World Championship. Stuart Smith set the trend in the 1970s and 1980s with six wins. Then in 2006, Andy Smith brought the championship back into the family and on Saturday September 22 at King’s Lynn, Stuart Smith Junior was the third member of the family to win the title when he became World Champion.

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