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2008 Short Circuit Magazine December


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From Superbikes to Rods via Brands Hatch and Caister Road!
Wallowing in the adulation of 130,000 race fans having secured runner-up spot in the European round of the 1000cc Superbike Championship at Brands Hatch is a million miles away from the applause of a few hundred Hot Rod supporters at Yarmouth Stadium, but for Kieran Murphy – the sensational ‘New Kid on the Block’ – Spedeworth’s 2.0 non contact formula will do nicely – for now that is…….. Kevin Wegg talks to Kieran, son of legendary East Anglian Hot Rod driver Nigel (#498 or #98 for us real ‘oldies’)…

Bill Morris 1914 – 2008
We remember Bill Morris, he was a gent and a nice man, as well as a hard-nosed business man, the three don’t often crop up together very often, especially these days…

Action from Argentina – (Part two)
Short Circuit Reporter Jerry Fisher continues his travels in South America – This month he brings us news from the tracks at La Plata and Buenos Aires.
In Argentina, the class named Turismo Carretera is one of the most popular, and having started in 1937, it’s said to be the oldest racing series in the world. This formula use large model cars that have mostly gone out of use on Argentine roads. Another popular division called T.C. 2000, was created in the 80’s, for smaller, more modern cars. When either of the two T.C classes compete, the crowds are always up around the one hundred thousand mark.
I decided to have a look at the T.C. Carretera when they made their annual appearance at La Plata raceway, which is about thirty miles south of the capital, Buenos Aires.

At Home with the Brat
UK oval racers careers in the sport tend to fall in to three distinct patterns. One, the young hotshot driver gets as far into racing as he can before the money runs out or other things take his attention; Two the same happens, but he or she comes back later in life, usually rather better equipped and financed; Three the racer manages to race continually and becomes an expert veteran in the chosen formula. Then there is the Steve Brattan approach.

Short Circuit 2008
We look back at what was in Short Circuit in 2008 with a comprehensive listing.

Worldwide News
Reports on NASCAR Race 33 – Atlanta, Race 34 – Texas, Race 35 – Phoenix, Race 36 – Miami.


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