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2008 Short Circuit Magazine May


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Haird Motorsport – Quietly Getting on With It
Last time Short Circuit caught up with the Haird family was a couple of years ago, when Haird Motorsport was just starting out and David Haird was doing his utmost to promote the Nationals on Sky TV. Two years on and after an impressive stand at the NEC with the BMW Z4, a new 2 Litre and two new National Hot Rods, Martin Kingston visited the Haird Motorsport base in Cambridgeshire to see how things were progressing.

John van den Bosch – The Flying Dutchman
Anyone who has taken an interest in National Hot Rod racing over on mainland Europe will have heard of John van den Bosch. John’s was the smart #66 National Hot Rod on display at the Haird Motorsport stand at the NEC this year.

The SuperstoX Factor
Dave Smith is the latest of a growing number of Grand Prix Midget drivers to try their hand at Superstox. It seems that the larger single-seater short circuit ‘cousins’ hold a certain appeal to Midget drivers so Anne Sayell has looked into what gives Superstox the X Factor.

Handsome, popular, hard-working ….. Ryan Eaton has a lot going for him, but his racing is furnished by a tough workload, not the family silver.
Paul Huggett provides an overdue look at the Spedeworth founding dynasty’s only current man on the track.

Babygrands Play their Last Tune
After seven hard years, Babygrands promoter Alan Currall of Currall Motorsport has called it a day. Alan has decided that motor sport is no longer for him due to family commitments and decided to spread his seeds elsewhere by going into the Bio Fuel market producing and selling rapeseed diesel. Alan has handed over the rights and the promotion of the series to a joint partnership of ex grass racer Steve Stanford #22 from the Midlands and 2007 rookie racer Mark Webb #77 from Kent.

Joe Gibbs Racing Toyotas
Joe Gibbs Racing is on a tare so far this year and with their switch to Toyota from Chevrolet over the winter few predicted they would be enjoying such early season success. Why in the first place did they switch from Chevy to Toyota?

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