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2009 Short Circuit Magazine February


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NEC 2009
As high-street retailers shut up shop with unnerving regularity and the UK economy teeters on the precipice of financial ruin, the picture painted by oval racing’s open wheel community is anything but doom and gloom. Record numbers of cars, new car constructors, and fixture lists bursting at the seams present a healthy outlook among competitors and businesses alike. Whether the spectator numbers through the turnstiles can match this feeling of optimism remains to be seen, but everyone that spoke to Short Circuit was in an upbeat mood. Adrian Blackwell brings us a selection of open-wheel news from the Oval Racing Experience at Autosport International.

Action from Argentina (Part four)
The Awesome Midgets of Bahia Blanca
Standing in the centre of the Buenos Aires city track one Saturday evening, fellow photographer Adrian Franza casually mentioned: “Do you know that they get more than one hundred Midgets racing every Friday night at the Bahia Blanca track?” This sounded very tempting, especially as we had only been getting around thirty five cars on a Saturday in the capital. Short Circuit reporter Jerry Fisher finds out more…

The Winternationals
The 2009 racing season got underway on New Year’s Day in the traditional manner with The Winternationals at Wimbledon. A very good crowd indeed gathered to watch a fine afternoon of racing and as an added bonus at this time of year it was all fought out on a bone dry and fast raceway. It was cold and cloudy but it could have been a whole lot worse

Scenes From The Past
Armadale Raceway opened in 1971 and ran mostly as a Spedeworth venue until 1991. Frank Love shares with us some interesting photos from those 20 years.

NEC Hottest
5 page Extensive photo gallery from the Oval Racing Experience at Autosport International. This month the Rods and Stox from the 1/4 mile ovals. Next month the Classics and Grass Racers.

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