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Ludlow Motorsports Go Large!
To expand in a tough financial climate takes guts and determination and for the plan to work, all the key elements have to be in place. Of course, a strong brand name in your particular field of business helps. We went along to see how UK oval racing’s top Hot Rod chassis supplier is getting on during the chilly months of early 2009. Story and Photos Paul Huggett

Keeping the Faith!
Dorset’s Ian Frampton on being the man driving what may be the last competitive Stock Rod Starlet on the ORCi tracks. That’s not all he’s done over the years mind! Remixed by Paul Huggett

Now Stock Car Action is the Attraction
The stereotype image of a grandson with his granddad is off walking in the park, watching TV on the sofa, or a gentle kick about with a football; generally an activity that allows granddad a leisurely time with his much loved grandson. Unless that is, you are 70 year old Brian Holmes and his 24 year old grandson Paul – then you go to play at Westworld “where Stockcar action is the attraction”. Anne Sayell met up with the team in Devon and this is their story.

Sayells say Goodbye to Oval Racing
When Harry Sayell sold his Grand Prix Midget in October he didn’t so much hang up his racing boots as give them away with the car, ending a short circuit racing career of close on 30 years.

Grand Prix Midgets 2009 Season Preview
2008 proved that the club is not dominated by the few, that hinders other formulas and anyone from anywhere on the grid could walk away with the spoils. Of the fifteen championships contested in 2008 no fewer than eight different drivers came away with the chequered flag. This was confirmed going into the final race meeting of the season when no fewer than six drivers could have finished either 2nd or 7th depending on that meeting’s results.

NEC 2009
Extensive photo gallery from the Oval Racing Experience at Autosport International. This month the Grass Racers.

Mascar 2008 Season Review
2008 was a year of firsts for the series, a new name, a new promoter, and an influx of new drivers and cars. It all began in early 2008 with new promoter Steve Stanford.

Something Old, Something New
Short Circuit reporter Jerry Fisher tells us the latest news from Buenos Aires and visits a deserted stadium.

News from our NASCAR experts Martin D Clark and Mike Greenwood; The month features the Daytona 500

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