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2011 Short Circuit Magazine April


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Main features below… 44 PAGES

Cyril (Chum) Ansell – Engineer, Racer & Racanteur Extraordinary
Cambridgeshire’s Cyril Ansell won his club and league titles in the demanding NASA Class 9 Specials last year, his first in national Autograss, is building one or two cars for others, has an Austin 7 to restore, and plans to go on racing for at least another five years, to add to an already interesting 40 spent on the tracks. At 75 years young – we should all be so lively. Cyril tells us about all the things he’s done, shares some sound philosophy of life and shows us some of the highly individual cars he’s crafted over the years. He knows some great Judo moves too.

Scenes from the Past – Chum’s Chariots
Luckily for us, Cyril Ansell’s back catalogue of cars past is quite well filled, with home photos of completed projects and work in progress that could easily fill a book of their own even without the on-track shot’s ‘Chum’ has acquired over 40 years of racing. Here’s a selection that we hope you will enjoy.

Arena Essex Expo
By common consensus the 7th annual Arena Essex Expo was the best yet, with a great entry of Autograss cars, both NASA and SEGTO, supplementing the usual array of Rolling Thunder Show and Promotasport formulas. Add in a few guest appearances and there were a mammoth 84 races! With the usual motley collection of new machinery on display in the marquee, there was plenty to see, as Vince O’Connor and the team raced through the programme in double quick time.


Paul Huggett looks at Superstox and Coventry, as does Matt Bull elesewhere with the news item Rift Finally Repaired
Jim Turner goes all nostalgic and remembers Newtongrange.

Young Racers Corner
Introducing: Faye Smith – just 13 years old she is already a veteran racer in the ‘Ministox’ series.

Short Circuit Retro
Formula 3 Stock Cars – What Were They, Then? Arena-Essex, opened up in 1978 and being an old Stox man himself, and rather disinclined to toe the party line in BriSCA circles, promoter Chick Woodroffe soon had his own in-house open wheel class up and running.
F1 Heritage Racing Season – Gorge Rimmer previews the 2011 season and tells us about new cars being constructed.

Superstox Midland Championship, Kings Lynn F2 World Qualifier, Saloon Stock Cars and 1300 Stock Cars Clive Grief Memorial.

News from our NASCAR experts Martin D Clark and Mike Greenwood including reports from: Daytona 500, Round 2 Phoenix, and Round 3 – Las Vegas.

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