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2000 Short Circuit Magazine November


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Inside the November 2000 issue: Wet or dry, front or rear wheel drive, sickness or health, whatever the car or the circumstances, Andy Sturt gives it his best shot, and he’s a half decent footballer too. Paul Huggett gets the inside story.

Bet you have never heard of the Hissos. The Hisso was derived from the World War 1 Hispano- Suiza aircraft engine, and whilst used in race cars in the USA, some were thought to be used in the UK – maybe at Brooklands in the era of enormous engines.

John Hyam asks a big question – In the beginning – what formula was the first to race on Britain’s 1/4 mile ovals. New evidence suggests that Midgets were not the first, but Roadsters or lightweight versions of road cars were first and developed into the early Midgets.

Part four of the Class on 1984 – where are they now includes Andy Irvine, Mark Lewis, Daniel Draper, Phil Hartley Pete Allin and Billy Johnson.

The big meeting at Coventry – the BriSCA F1 World Final is covered, plus all the usual regulars such as monthly fixtures, race cars for sale, Scenes from the Past, National Hot Rod Race Action update etc..

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