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2004 Short Circuit Magazine April


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The Golden Boys
Malcolm gets in between two of racing’s greatest rivals and relives his first childhood, while they go through their second, in the kind of cars that boy racers everywhere envied thirty years and more ago! Time-warp time at Swaffham. By Malcolm Foskett and Photos Dave Smith.

‘Happy Anniversary’
April 15 1954 – Stockcar Racing Arrives in Britain. It was a moment to be treasured. The start of stock car racing in Britain, at long demolished south London stadium New Cross and I was there on Good Friday, April 16, 1954, with 26,000 other curious spectators. By John Hyam

Testing Time
‘Short Circuit’ reporter Jerry Fisher went along for the two Test Days at Ringwood. He saw a variety of cars, talked to the drivers and even managed a few laps in his favourite formula.

Midget Car Racing starts in Britain
Seventy years ago midget car racing hit the British racing scene at the old Crystal Palace speedway in south London. The speedway has long gone. It was last used by the bikes at Easter 1940, when South African Keith Harvey dominated proceedings. By John Hyam

Really Cooking
Chesham’s Charlie Schembri, a self-employed motor mechanic, has taken a little while to hit peak form in Spedeworth Hot Rods, but now has people watching him closely. By Paul Huggett

Short Circuit Top Ten
It’s time once again to dip into our list of Championship winners to see how the last twelve month’s racing has affected the all time scores as well as a few that we have discovered in the latest batch of newly acquired old programmes. By Daniel Ruston

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