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2004 Short Circuit Magazine June


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Over The Wall With Steward Racing
Our official car tester Malcolm Foskett was cheeky enough to ask for a test drive in the number 75 days of Thunder car at the NEC a while back, and John Steward said, “Well I don’t see why not.” A few weeks later and a call from Nigel Steward, son and team crew chief offering Malcolm a chance to hang out at the first race of the 2004 season. However things moved on rapidly – “Are you fit Fozzy?” – “Fairly I suppose, why?” was the answer, “Well we are short of a jack man.” Unfortunately the track test didn’t happen because of rain, but read how Malcolm got on, and has now landed a job as jack man for the rest of the year.

Lucky Goes Banger Racing!
Our “Showbiz” Correspondent Dean Cox tells us about the More Than Insurance TV Commercial.

New Cross + 50
After reading John Hyam’s excellent article in the April Short Circuit about that pivotal day, I felt that I wanted to do something to celebrate the 50th anniversary itself. Where better to spend that Golden Jubilee day than where it all began? Therefore I decided to take a trip to South London and try and find the site of the long since demolished New Cross track. The motorists are a different breed though, driving in London is virtually a contact sport and impatience is the key to getting anywhere. By Daniel Ruston

Ministox Track Test
In our ‘quest to test’ we have so far tried out several of the types of race cars you can see at the majority of oval tracks in this country. We have said before we will try anything if it is of interest to our readers, so this time we test several Ministox, normally driven by the youngest of our drivers.

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