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2005 Short Circuit Magazine November


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Championships of the World
No less than four World championships were settled in September, The BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, Superstox and V8 Stock Car World titles….

RDC’s Big Day Out: The Lydden Invasion 2005
RDC’s third invasion of Lydden Hill Raceway in Kent was held on September 10 with the annual Big Day Out raising a record breaking 160 cars spread over eight different formulas (racing as 10 classes)…

Oval Racing’s Best Kept Secret
“Pop Quiz: What do Jim Clark and Barry Stephen have in common?”
Answer: Both drivers are F1 race winners and made their racing debuts at the old Crimond Aerodrome … strange, but true! Remarkable as it may seem, the north east of Scotland has played an unlikely yet huge part in the history of British motorsport, with July marking the 35th anniversary of oval racing’s most northerly venue, Crimond Raceway….

Peasenhall Raceway – Gone, but oh, …. Those Summer Nights! Part 2
For many stadiums, a crowd of 3,000 spectators would do very nicely thank you very much. For a Grasstrack however, in the middle of the Suffolk countryside, where the local village only had a population of 400, it’s something of a minor miracle, but at its height, that’s exactly what happened at Peasenhall Raceway; but when you dig a bit deeper, it really is no surprise, for here was a Motor Club that for me, truly encompassed what racing should really be all about – fun, action-packed, affordable and free of politics!…

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