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2006 Short Circuit Magazine October


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Qualifying approximately 12th or 13th on this year’s Superstox grid, similar to last year – is no mean achievement from a season-long campaign in the red grade for Stu Thompson; but despite consistent, if not spectacular, results in order to achieve such success, his approach to racing is always the same: “I don’t take it seriously enough!”, he explained. “I race for fun and am happy with a top eight finish in any race.

Lydden Festival
After the very successful 2005 Festival of Speed at Lydden, it was likely that this year’s version would attract even more short track racers and fans for an afternoon out at the quirky 600 metre “oval” (if your idea of an oval is kidney shaped)], that forms part of the 1 mile circuit.
However, the later addition of the Rockingham OvalFest to the racing calendar took some of the weekend’s visitors from either side of the fence, but nonetheless, it was a good day out with plenty of cars on hand, helped by RDC’s racer-friendly approach, and just the job for those slightly detached from the ORCi mainstream.

BriSCA Worlds
Reports on the BriSCA F1 and BriSCA F2 World Finals.

This month’s Superstox World Championship sits as part of a treble bill at Ipswich that’s sure to fill the terraces, with BriSCA Formula 1 racing for their British Championship – a title race almost as old as the sport itself – and if that were not enough for the “pukka” open-wheel Stock Car fan, there’s Historic F1 & F2 as well. We look back at the Superstox from 1982 in a Scenes From the Past.

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