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2007 Short Circuit Magazine December


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A racing series that is both highly professional, yet affordable, with superb organisation and links across the world with other racers using cars with exactly the same specification, high speeds, close racing and easily available parts? Too good to be true? Haven’t you seen the Legends yet?

Raceceiver is the Key
Looking like a small MP3 player and with a choice of headphones that either enables use under a racer’s crash helmet or for use by officials or fans outside the track, the Raceceiver one-way radio system is key to providing the Legends’ slick show.

Shaun Brooker – Living his Dream!
These days Shaun Brooker is a pretty mellow sort of bloke. The 39 year old Superstox racer who climbed out, wet but very, very happy, from the Bees Motors #69 car at Wimbledon having won the 2007 World Championship race, is a lot different from the somewhat fiery young man who started his career aged 17 in the open wheel cars, and rose through the grades racing every year since with only a short diversion into Hot Rods at the end of the 90’s when the Supers were, to put it bluntly, nothing to write home about.

Mr Bunn the Builder
Do I fit the new kitchen or start my new race car? It’s a question a lot of oval racers will identify with and one Geoff Bunn faced at the end of 2006. Not surprisingly he chose the race car and another new Grand Prix Midget was born.
Geoff joined the formula in 2006 having borrowed an old Dastle from his brother Cliff for three meetings to see if he enjoyed it. He then bought the ex John Salter Starcraft car from Neil Clarke. “It was in bits (and not all the bits were there as we found out after putting the engine in six times, but I got it out for Arena Essex in August 2006 and ran that until the end of the season. The plan was always to use the bits off the old car to build a new chassis for this season,” Geoff explained.

CAMSO Season Review
The CAMSO V8 Championship promised great things at the beginning of 2007 and at the Easter CAMSO meeting at Warneton Speedway, great things were delivered in abundance. It was crashes and smashes, thrills, and spills as the 2007 CAMSO V8 Championship got underway.

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