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2008 Short Circuit Magazine January


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Scenes From the Past
Well here we are, another year has passed by on the UK racing scene. Back in 1982, open wheel Stock Car racing was in the throes of technical changes, specialist chassis builders were coming on the scene, and engines built in clean modern workshops by experts were probably now exceeding in numbers those rebuilt ‘at home’ with varying degrees of skill by those with the knowhow and time to do it. Open wheel racing was in pretty good shape in this year – we have photos from that time.

A Day in The Life…
When any driver wins his first major title it’s a good day in his life, when the win is a popular one with his fellow competitors and the race was won in tricky and hectic conditions it is a very good day, and when you also beat a guy with superior machinery who has just had ten wins from the last twelve races it’s a very, very good day! So when quiet, unassuming and generally nice guy Steve Young from Coventry won the 2007 Grand Prix Midget British Championship at Arena, beating race favourite and eventual World and European Champion, Jason Carnwell, it was one of the best days in his life!

Meet The Roth – A Straight Talking Racer!
Scott Roth is hoping his return to the Grand Prix Midgets will prove third time lucky having raced with them in the 1980s, 1990s – he now says he wishes he had never left.

UK Sprint Cars Moving Up A Gear
Mention Sprint car racing to a UK oval racing enthusiast and most people’s response normally includes something about weird looking winged monsters performing somersaults along the back straight of some American dirt track in Florida. However, in the UK Sprint Cars having been racing for many years on good old tarmac, or as the Americans like to call it ‘Pavement’.

The Championship Winners In 2007
A quick guide to who won what in the year 2007. The Major titles are listed, plus a few others for good measure!

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